De-Carb GCX is the perfect Green Coffee Bean & Green Tea Formula created to help in the struggle to lose weight.

Our liquid concentrate is ideal for maximum absorption versus capsules. 

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The formula consists of GREEN COFFEE BEAN which will reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed into your system as fat and actually contributes to the reduction of your fat cells. It also contains Green TEA EXTRACT which will decrease your appetite and increase metabolism! Other benefits are its ability to increase energy, stabilize blood sugar, lower heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol all at the same time!
De-Carb GCX taste great! It tastes like a sweet ice-tea. It is very low in caffeine content, less than 10mg per serving, versus a cup of coffee, which will have as much as 150mg of caffeine. Some people see results from taking this product immediately, while others may take anywhere from 7-21 days. The variable is due to lifestyle awareness, diet, exercise, and amount of weight needed to lose for optimum body weight. Normal and healthy weight loss would be 2-4 pounds per week. This is the perfect weight control solution in a bottle and is highly concentrated. The great news is, there are no side effects or jitters that are found with most weight loss supplements. De-Carb GCX is an all-natural solution in a bottle that has been perfected to assist in weight loss and blood sugar control.

Recommended dosage: Mix 1 ounce of concentrate with 8-12 ounces of water for taste twice a day 20 minutes before meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.


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